Official Rules

Rules: The "official rules" for the "Freedom Care Warrior Project - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" apply only to this hunt, corresponding charity events and open events. The "official rules" for the "Freedom Care Warrior Project Operation: Varmints for Veterans" will remain in effect throughout the duration of this event. Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the event director. In the event of a rule violation, the event director may impose such sanctions as deemed appropriate, including but not limited to, disqualification, forfeiture of entry fee and/or prizes, prohibition of participation in subsequent hunts. The decision of the event director shall be final in all matters. Protest for any rule infraction must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the official check-in time of the tournament.

Participants & Eligibility: Participation of the "Freedom Care Warrior Project - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" is open to any hunter 18 years of age or older. Any hunter under the age of 18 must have parent’s written permission to hunt and take the polygraph test. Proof of age to the satisfaction of the event director is the responsibility of the hunter. Hunters must sign the Release of Liability form at registration of the hunt and present their entry fee to the event director prior to the start of the hunt. The event director reserves the right to accept and/or deny entry into a hunt after the official registration has closed. Any person entering a hunt that is under the age of 18 must have a parent and/or legal guardian’s signature on the official entry form. High School teams may have an adult to watch and drive only.

Polygraph: By signing the official entry form, hunters agree to submit to a polygraph/voice test examination. There will be 3 polygraph tests given.  Anyone winning money may be required to take a test. If you fail the polygraph test no money will be awarded to your team.  All team members must be present at the weigh-in. Any person found to be violating event rules or failing to successfully pass a polygraph/voice test in this or any other hunt will not be allowed to enter the "Freedom Care Warrior Project  - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" events. The administration and interpretation of the polygraph/voice test shall be solely the responsibility of the event director, and shall be used at their discretion. Without limiting the foregoing, the event director shall have sole discretion to select the place, at which such polygraph/voice test shall be administered, the individual who administers such polygraph/voice test, and the scope of the questions, which may be asked during such test. Failure to take and pass the polygraph/voice test examination, if required, will result in immediate disqualification without recourse.

Off-Limits: All animals must be shot from land you have permission to hunt on.There will be no hunting out of boats, helicopters, or planes. There will be no hunting on public roads (Dirt or paved).

Open Registration: Participant check-in and open registration will start at 9:30a.m. the morning of the event. At least one team member must be at sign ups to pay entry fees and listen to rules read.  Other members of the team cannot start hunting until this hunter joins the team.  No one leaves sign ups until all rules have been read and final word is given. You cannot fly out to where you hunt.

Official Check-in: Each hunter will be responsible to check-in with the event director prior to the weigh-in time cutoff in order to weigh their kills for the event.

Weigh-in: The official weigh-in period will be from 11:00am until 12:00am for the hunt at Haskell County Court House. All teams/hunters must check-in between this period.

Entry Fee: The official entry fee for the "Freedom Care Warrior Project - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" will be $35 per man on team. $20.00 per person for High School Teams and Ladies. 14 and under hunt for free. There will also be side pots for $10 per pot/per participant option at each hunt and a $10 Calcutta Option per man. Each option will have a 50% payback. So even if you "zero", you still have a chance to win CASH! No checks will be accepted.  Must pay cash at sign ups or use a credit/debit card on site or online. A card scanner will be available on site.

Side pots include:

  • Heaviest Coyote
  • Heaviest Cat
  • Heaviest Raccoon
  • Heaviest Pig
  • Most Pigs

Grand Prize: The "Freedom Care Warrior Project - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" offers a grand prize for the highest scoring team. The grand prize will be a weekend getaway for 10 at the Freedom Care Warrior Ranch.

Safety: Safe hunting/shooting conduct will be observed at all times.

Sportsmanship: All hunters/participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. All participants must adhere to all State, Federal and local laws governing hunting activities. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be cause for disqualification. Any conduct unfavorable to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with event rules shall be grounds for rejecting participation and disqualification. Any disqualification or suspension from, or other disciplinary action regarding any tournament or hunting organization, shall be grounds for rejecting any particpation of the "Freedom Care Warrior Project - Operation: Varmints for Veterans" and disqualification. Any hunter receiving a citation from a State or Federal Game Warden will be considered grounds for disqualification.

Equipment: Only legal firearms and equipment may be used or in possession.

Vehicles: When hunting out of a vehicle you must come to a complete stop before you can shoot any animal. No hunting out of boats or planes. Teams must use or hunt out of only one vehicle. Only hunting contestants are allowed in the vehicle while hunting.  No four wheelers allowed. Your vehicle must have current tags and an inspection sticker. You may leave a back-up vehicle at gate. 

Permitted Hunting Locations: You may hunt any where in the state of Texas or Oklahoma; on private land you have permission to hunt on or state land where varmint hunting is legal. Team members must hunt on same land but may split up on that same land while hunting. You can stop once and let a person or people out to hunt and drive on and then return to pick them up, then go to the next spot.

Scoring: There will be no more than 9 animals counted for points with the exception of pigs. We will have a 5 bobcat cap and a 6 coyote cap. There will be no cap on pigs.

This is a calling contest. All animals must be called. A called animal is: after you have come to a complete stop and then start calling, an animal comes up that you haven’t seen.  Also if you spot an animal you must come to complete stop and wait 20 seconds then start calling and then you may shoot the animal. This year you will be allowed only 3 animals that you see and wait 20 seconds then shoot. The rest must be 100 percent called in. You may not drive, shine the light and be calling at the same time just to locate animals.

You may not bait or put out anything or have someone else put out anything for drawing in bobcats or coyotes. If an animal dies on its own and no one moves it you may call or hunt by it. If the landowner moves his dead livestock to an area for his convenience you can hunt by it.

You may not add weight to your animals.  You can not shoot an animal in a live trap. No "baiting" or "prepared bait" will be permitted during official competition, with the exception of natural resources already in place on the hunting land. All kills must be shot live and in a conventional sporting manner.

No pooling of animals.  Only animals killed by team members during tournament hours will count.

Points are as follows:                                       

Bobcats:                40 pts.
Coyotes:                35 pts.
Mt. Lions:             200 pts.
Pigs:                      10 pts.

Tie: In case of a tie, the total weight shall resolve positions.