Donations are the heart of FCWP

Community support of FCWP has been outstanding! No wonder…we’ve seen first hand how  FCWP makes a difference in lives… and not only the veteran’s lives. From the first event (Operation Gunsmoke) to Operation Kick Some Bass, FCWP is off to a good start making a difference!

We’ve come a long way in just a few short months, but there is still a long way to “grow”. Our event sponsors and donors have helped kick off a new foundation for helping our community and those that have sacrificed for American might.

FCWP is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization with full transparency. Donors are invited to see exactly where their dollars go. Potential donors are also welcome to ask questions, come see us, attend events or volunteer time. If you haven’t been involved yet, we encourage you to come along and partake in good Texas hospitality with a Christian atmosphere! You’ll see the difference as well as the potential.

Still in our infancy, your donations and sponsorships will help to stimulate the growth of a great cause! And yes, with everyone involved, we did build that!

We have any number of ways you can help. Just ask! God Bless!

Click here to donate today!

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Kick Some Bass 2012

Operation Kick Some Bass 2012 was a huge success! Special thanks to our sponsors and all the great help we had from volunteers, the Young County Arena, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Skeeter, Hub Machine and Tool and everyone that donated auction items, food and supplies! Without all of you, it couldn’t have happened! It is wonderful to see the great support the people of Young County and all around have for our veterans.
Another special thanks goes to all the fisherman that made it happen! The winners of the tournament were as follows:

1st Place AND BIG BASS:
Scott Smiley and Jared Hampton
# Fish weighed: 5
Big Bass – 5.14 lbs.
Total Weight – 17.39 lbs.
Photo 1
Photo 2

2nd Place:
Hubbell Allen and Randy Sullivan
# Fish weighed: 3
Big Bass – 4.66 lbs.
Total Weight – 15.78 lbs.
Photo 1

3rd Place:
Gerold Hanson and Richard Choate
# Fish weighed: 5
Total Weight – 13.08 lbs.
Photo 1
Photo 2

4th Place
Richard Sipes and Billy Lail
# Fish weighed: 5
Total Weight – 12.84 lbs.
Photo 1

View all the tournament photos here.

Hope to see y’all at the 2nd Annual Kick Some Bass Tournament!

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Freedom Care Warrior Project’s New Networking Site!

The Freedom Care Warrior Project has implemented our new networking site. This will be our main discussion and networking hub. Create an account and join in. We welcome veterans and everyone interested!

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