Freedom Care Warrior Project

Freedom Care Warrior Project is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that delivers direct support to physically and psychologically injured combat veterans through innovative, outdoor-based therapies and pioneering research. We strive to provide our participants with therapeutic programs which result in measurable and sustainable improvement. These programs are designed to re-enable and re-energize participants and provide the support and self-confidence necessary to maximize long-term recovery.
Veterans and families from all armed forces and military eras are eligible.
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • National Guard
  • Coast Guard

Our program has been universally embraced by veteran’s support organizations and has garnered the attention of national and local media.  Our commitment to disabled veterans, veterans, and amputees compels us to continually improve our program and ensure that it is available to every service member that can benefit from it.
The Freedom Care Warrior Project distinguishes itself from traditional veterans support organizations in many critical facets.

Our sole purpose is to design, test and implement rehabilitative programs in the outdoors.
  • We recognize the need to reinforce pre-existing support networks. Including the entire family strengthens bonds and provides a positive, proactive environment where each member can contribute.
  • Our programs combine idyllic settings with the therapeutic benefits of a cohesive group of individuals that have faced similar experiences and challenges. We provide veterans with a temporary sanctuary, free of stresses and uncertainties, a place where they can relax, enjoy themselves and their surroundings. The trips allow veterans to demonstrate abilities and build skills while reinforcing their self-confidence and resolve.
  • We endorse the concept of “veterans helping veterans.” Our clients are drawn from around the United States; from diverse locations and backgrounds. During their trip they spend many hours in each other’s company and have opportunities to share their experiences, difficulties, victories and accomplishments. These opportunities are invaluable by allowing the veterans to form new friendships and inspire, support and motivate each other.
  • Personal attention and a family atmosphere achieve a guide-to-veteran ratio of 1 to 2 and an overall staff-to-participant ratio of 2 to 1.
  • The symptoms of psychological disabilities are sometimes not immediately apparent.  The program recognizes the complexities and inconsistencies of these disorders and adjusts eligibility accordingly.
  • Freedom Care will provide follow-on interaction and support:
    • We utilize the military-inspired “buddy system,” which enables us to receive feedback and monitor the progress of our participants after their program.
    • We utilize a psychologist-designed “scale” which allows us to measure the immediate impact of our program as well as follow-up measurements at one and three months.
    • We utilize the military-inspired “buddy system,” which enables us to receive feedback and monitor the progress of our participants after their program.
    • Our hunting programs will involve participating ranches and hunting leases around the country that would like to host a wounded warrior or veteran and give them the opportunity to hunt.
    • Our outdoor activities and fellowship activities will include canoeing, kayaking, campfire cookouts, lodging, horseback riding, and other similar activities.
    • This program will take place mainly Thursday-Sunday and will involve all day events and activities with overnight stays. (long weekends)
    • Family: Perhaps the single most inspiring aspect of this program, as is consistently reflected in the testimonials, is that the staff and guides are a “family” bound by a common purpose and committed to help veterans and their families.
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